We must understand the rights that the Quran grants Muslims and uphold its teachings if we are to be considered Muslims. We must respect its privileges in order to fully abide by its guidance. Muslims would be able to give the Quran the right place in their hearts and lives if they knew about these rights. As the rights of everything else described in the Quran and Sunnah are demanded, so too are the rights outlined in the Quran itself.   

We should be grateful for the simplicity that technology has brought in this area because we live in a modern and evolved society. Platforms like Quran Classes Online have made Quran learning online more accessible than ever. In this blog, we've talked about some of the rights that the Holy Quran says every Muslim has.  

Rights of the Quran Towards Believers  

Are you aware that the Holy Quran, the book of Allah, has rights for believers? It sounds odd, doesn't it? Believers have to take care of these rights, and the book, which is the best source of advice on everything, expects its readers, especially believers, to take it seriously. If we seek to understand the Qur'an in its purest form, we must abide by these rights. The rights are as follows;  

. Strong Belief in Its Existence and Message

Faith is the first pillar of Islam, Believing and having faith in the message of the Quran is extremely important. The Quran was sent down to teach Islam; hence, it is necessary to believe in its existence. Since Revelation is seen as Allah's message, believers still think that the angel Jibril gave the text to the Prophet Muhammad PBUH. They follow its teachings, believing them to be the one source of all truth.   

The fundamental level of belief is that Allah sent the Prophet with the Quran (PBUH), and we should have a firm belief in it.  

. Reciting the Quran with the Correct Tajweed

It is necessary to diligently recite the Qur'an. It is important to observe basic manners, such as performing Wudhu before reciting and sitting properly. Furthermore, rigorous Tajweed and Makharij standards must be followed throughout recitation. This is done to preserve the terms' original meaning because new Arabic dialects are constantly being created. You may rely on Quran Classes online to provide you with the ideal setting for studying the Quran with Tajweed. 

. Understand the Quran 

Muslims must understand the Quran in order for it to fulfill its purpose. The Prophet's Sunnah (PBUH) is a great source for its teaching. Read the tafsir in order to understand the scripture. Muslims must be able to understand the Quran if they are to apply it to all aspects of their lives.  

. Application of Its Teaching 

The surahs provide detailed guidance for the ideal Muslim way of life. Muslims are expected to follow suit. If the Quran's lessons are not put into practice, its essence will be lost. Muslims are obligated to uphold the commandments that have been given to them.  

The Holy Quran, Sunnah, Ijma, and Qiyas all provide guidance on how to put the Quran into practice, Muslims are required to abide by the moral guidelines set forth in the Quran. Hence, we need to apply the teachings of the Quran in our daily lives.   

. Disseminating the Message  

Spreading the message of Islam is the duty of a good Muslim. The point of the Quran is to teach people who need to know what it says. No one should be forced to learn. Instead, a well-educated Muslim should help those who can't go to school to learn about religion.  

For instance, it is required of parents and elders pass on their knowledge to their children. In this day and age, the word of the Quran can also be spread through online communication or books.  

Muhammad PBUH, the Prophet of Islam, went above and beyond to preach his faith. He endured persecution and ridicule while traveling great distances to share the message of Allah (SWT).  

All Muslims should spread the message of Islam.