Six trainer care rules that must never be broken

There is no greater sensation than donning a brand-new pair of Adidas Stan Smith, Nike Air Jordan, Gucci Screener, Balenciaga Triple S, or Reebok Club C.

Ultimately, a fantastic pair of trainers is the ideal investment item. They are fashionable and so adaptable that you can wear them on a variety of occasions and with different ensembles.

You can wear the correct pair of trainers for hours because they are lightweight and comfortable. 

And because your new shoes may have cost you a fortune, you'll want to retain them for as long as possible. You will also want to maintain their appearance and condition.

You can accomplish this by following the proper principles for shoe cleaning and maintenance.

Must-Dos to Preserve the Appearance and Quality of Your Sneakers

Remember these essential shoe care rules if you wish to preserve the pristine appearance and condition of your trainers for an extended period of time:

Give your shoes added protection from the beginning.

Consider investing in a high-quality water-repellent shoe spray after purchasing your new trainers.

According to experts in shoe cleaning in Dubai, the majority of repellents on the market not only repel water, but also keep grime and dust away from footwear. These products provide comprehensive protection for your valuable trainers, which will go a long way towards preserving their condition.

Spray the repellent on your trainers as soon as you remove them from their packaging in order to preserve their initial appearance and condition. Even if you wear your shoes during the rainy season, if you follow this rule, they will remain spotless and dry.

This recommendation paves the way for future trainers that are simple to clean.

Consider purchasing a repellent of the same brand as your new shoes or one recommended by the footwear manufacturer.

Every one to two months, evaluate the water resistance of your shoes by placing a few drops of water on their exterior. Repeat the repellent application if your trainers absorb the beads.

Clean your trainers on a regular basis.

To maintain the pristine condition of your trainers, you should also routinely clean them.

Using a soft-bristled toothbrush or shoe brush, a moist cloth and a trainer cleaning product, manually clean your footwear.

Using a damp, clean cloth, remove the grime from the surface. Use the toothbrush or shoe brush to remove larger, more persistent stains. Use a soft-bristled brush to remove grime and stains from your shoes without damaging or scratching them.

Whether you completely submerge your athletic shoes in water or simply get them mildly damp, ensure that they are completely dry before storing them.

Putting your trainers in the washing machine could ensure that they are spotless. However, you should avoid doing this because it will stress your trainers and make them more prone to wear and tear.

Clean the eyelets frequently.

When cleaning your trainers, be sure to also sanitise the laces.

Soak soiled shoelaces in a basin or sink with water, laundry detergent or a sneaker cleaner to revitalise them. After a few moments, agitate them to remove any adhering dirt.

Utilise a toothbrush to eliminate obstinate stains and marks.

Once complete, thoroughly cleanse and air-dry the laces.

If you have white laces, avoid making one of the most common laundry errors by bleaching them. This is because this solution is so potent that it can damage the shoelaces' fibres.

Maintain your footwear correctly.

Proper storage is another simple method for keeping your trainers appearing brand new for a long time.

After each use, stuff your trainers with crumpled newspapers before returning them to their carton or shoe rack.

The ability of newspapers to absorb moisture allows them to remove water and perspiration from shoes. Consequently, your trainers can dry more quickly and are less likely to develop an unpleasant odour, particularly if you store them in a sealed box.

Additionally, stuffing your trainers with newspapers can prevent toe creases that make shoes appear worn.

Try not to wear your trainers daily.

Although you adore your new kicks, you should not wear them every day or for more than two days in a row.

When you wear the same pair of shoes every day, you do not give them adequate time to dry. As a result, they will be unable to maintain their shape, causing them to appear deformed and aged.

Rotate your collection of athletic shoes to allow them to rest, dry, and retain their shape. This is a necessary step, especially if you use your trainers for running or other sports.

This recommendation can also help extend the life of your shoes.

Periodically, have your trainers professionally cleansed.

Occasionally, you will need assistance keeping your footwear clean and looking fantastic. This can be accomplished with the assistance of a shoe cleaning service.

A professional trainer cleaning service allows you to have trainers that are sparkling clean without fading, fraying or other damage. Their cleaners have the necessary products and equipment to eradicate all surface dirt and stains.

If your shoes have tears, scuffs, or unravelling stitching, shoe cleaning professionals can also repair and restore them.

Your trainers will be returned to you thoroughly cleaned, appearing brand new, and even more durable due to the expert repair work.

Once you've brought your new pair of trainers home, keep these guidelines in mind to keep them appearing brand-new and ensure they remain valuable additions to your footwear collection.

You can schedule the cleaning of your trainers by Royal Monarch Laundry’s shoe care specialists.